Please read carefully before booking:

1. Age Requirement:

Driver must be a minimum of 21 years of age at the time of the rental for all car classes.

Lessees aged older than 72 years old must purchase a “Senior Citizen’s Insurance” (Currently costs €20, for the full duration of the rental).

2. Driver’s license:

A valid driving license held for at least one year is required.

Driving licenses issued in any country-member of the European Union are acceptable. Driving licenses issued in countries not members of the European Union must be accompanied by a valid International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

Caretta car rental withholds the right to cancel a car rental booking if no or not the appropriate driving license(s) is/are shown on the first day of rental without being liable for any kind of compensation to the lessee.

3. Insurance:

Collision Damage Waiver (“CDW”)

All “Caretta car rental” rates include a package of insurance cover known as Collision Damage Waiver (“CDW”).

If damage occurs to the vehicle, the lessee is covered for the cost of repair. However, you have to pay the amount of liability for damage, which is up €800.00 for car groups A, B, C, or up to €1200.00 for car groups D, E if was the damage occurred at the lessee’s fault, provided that the damage is not due to violation of the Greek Road Traffic Code (for example -and not limited to- red light or STOP sign violation, illegal overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol etc.). The above liability amounts are not including VAT.

This Insurance package includes the following:

  • Vis-à-vis third parties (excluding the driver).
  • for death and bodily injuries.
  • for material damages to third parties per accident.
  • for the vehicle of Caretta Car Rental in case of window breaking (except light and mirrors).
  • Road assistance: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, valid only on Kefalonia island.

In case of total theft of the vehicle or fire caused by the fault or negligence of the lessee on the vehicle of “Caretta car rental”, the lessee is liable up to the total commercial value of the vehicle at the time of the accident or theft.

C.D.W does not cover:

  • Damage caused by intent or negligence
  • Damage caused by using the wrong fuel
  • Losses arising from breach of the terms of the contract
  • Damage caused to the bottom, the roof, the antenna, mirrors and car tires or while the car was in a boat.

The cost of CDW is Included in the listed prices.

Insurance coverage is provided on the premise that the damage is not due to a violation of the Road Traffic Code (RTC) (for example -and not limited to- red light or STOP sign violation, illegal overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol etc.).

5. Taxes:

All rates include 24% V.A.T.

All fines and administrative penalties are charged to the lessee.

Prices and terms of rental can be changed without notice.

All disputes arising from or in connection with the Rental will be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the competent courts of Greece.

6. Fuel:

The Lessee is obligated to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel it had when collected. In the case of returning the vehicle with less fuel, the lessee will be charged with the cost of fuel difference. No refunds are issued for vehicles returned with more fuel than when collected.

7. Infringement management costs:

Lessees shall be responsible for the payment of fines that may result from RTC violations during the rental of the car. If they are not paid by the lessee and an intervention of Caretta car rental is required for their payment, there will be a charge of €50 over the cost of the violation (Infringement Costs).

8: Mileage restrictions:

“Caretta car rental” offer “Free mileage” from the first day! No mileage restrictions!

Terms and restrictions apply to moving the car off the island of Kefalonia (see article 11 below).

9. Delivery /Collection:

Delivery or collection of the rental vehicle is free at the airport, at “Caretta car rental” offices (within office hours 09.00 to 20.00) and within radius of 15 km around them.

For deliveries/collections at longer distances (or for out of office hours) the extra cost will be shown at the price analysis of your booking.

10. Rental extension:

Lessees wishing to keep the rented vehicle longer than the period already agreed, should contact the branch of Caretta car rental where the vehicle was picked up, at least 24h before the rental period expires and in writing, to indicate the extension of the rental and sign a new Rental Agreement. The extension may require a change in vehicle.

11. Ferrying the car:

An advance written authorization from “Caretta car rental”, is required to embark the rental car on a ferry. In the case of moving the rental between islands or the mainland, the lessees are required to return the vehicle to the pickup branch. Otherwise, all transport costs to return the car to our headquarters shall be charged to the lessee. In case of mechanical damage or accident outside the island of Kefalonia, lessees are obligated to transfer the car back to “Caretta car rental” at their own expense. During the transport of the car by boat, any and all insurance cover is suspended.

12. Car interior:

If the vehicle is returned with stains requiring biological cleaning (for example -and not limited to- hair, sand, suntan oils etc. on the seats, the floor, in the trunk etc.), the lessee is charged with the amount of €100. In case of damage caused by the lessee (for example -and not limited to- burns, tearing etc.) there shall be a corresponding charge depending on the cost of damage.

13. Loss or destruction of a key:

In case of loss or destruction of a key during the rental period, lessees must pay the amount of €80 for its replacement.

14. Registration Plate removal:

In the event of registration plates of the rental vehicle being seized by the authorities during the rental period, lessees will be charged for rental until the collection of the plates from the competent authority.

15. Payment methods:

“Caretta car rental” accept payments either in cash (in €-EUR) or by Credit/Debit cards (Visa or Mastercard). The estimated total cost of the car hire is payable at the beginning of the rental.

16. Reservations/Availability:

All bookings and reservations are made by car Group and not by car model. “Caretta car rental” reserves the right to change car model to an equivalent model of the same car class or to upgrade model in exceptional cases.


All above terms and conditions are subject to change by Caretta Car Rental without prior notice.